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Special Services

Product Conformity Testing

Today, we live in a fast-paced economy and global markets. The increase in trades between countries does not only guarantee a mutual benefit.

It also poses an issue of concern, especially for government agencies—to track these products.

This exchange requires an understanding and conformance to approved standards(international & local).
And this must fit into the fast-changing style of the economy.

The linking of world trade as a single global market causes a shift in the client’s priorities. Now, the primary focus goes beyond quick delivery and approved quality. Every country’s concern hangs on compliance and consistency in trade processes.
The safety and protection of their resources is also a significant concern.

In a bid to address concerns, many governments have put sustainable development plans.

Our Product Conformity Assessment form guarantees compliance with specific requirements for the product
The regulatory body in the country to be imported from sets these requirements.
The solution involves verifying adherence to applicable standards requirements and technical guidelines.

Then a review of verification schedules by SIV experts follows. Some of these activities include physical inspection, laboratory testing, and audits. Product conformance is evident in the Certificate of Conformity issued to companies. This is an essential document for clearance with customs.

SIV Product Conformity Assessment (PCA) is a solution designed to ensure that products meet the specific requirements set by a regulatory authority in the importing country.

Product Certification

SIV product certification ensures your products’ follow the guidelines of your desired country. You can’t operate in a country and not abide by their requirements.

This affects whatever you want to do, be it designing, manufacturing, or importation.

You should make sure your products conform to international regulations and guidelines. These guidelines are strict and often rigorous.

Our services guarantee your product’s compliance with your desired country’s regulations and requirements.

We are a leading global firm in inspection, testing, authentication, and certification.

Thence, we provide unmatched expertise and experience in certification procedures.

Our service offerings are second to none. Also, our peculiar international network and affiliations has accreditation to international & regional standards and regulations.

Extended Supplier Audits

A country’s compliance with GCP, cGMP, or GLP policies is not dependent on its organisation.

The requirements also cover the company’s external providers(suppliers). Supplier audits are a crucial aspect of Supplier Qualification. They are growing into an essential procedure for the Food, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Oil& Gas sectors.

SIV audit services establish the evidence and confidence for professionalism and third-party best practice.

There is an increase in GMP compliance. The rigid condition of the components, additives and material packaging used determine this.

Therefore, our audit of suppliers plays a vital role which proves the Quality and the Cycle in practice and guarantees validity.

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Collaborating with Solis Imperium Veritas(SIV) made things alot easy.
Friendly and very professional in their approach, readily accessible and available to make sound technical input that brings about the desired outcomes is always assured.

I will definitely recommend SIV anytime.

Chukwuemeka Kanu-Orji
HSE Manager, Vine Group Nigeria

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