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Special Services

Product Conformity Testing

In Today’s globalized markets and fast growing econimy, the Increasing volumes of goods traded between contries is not only the sign of mutual banefit but also a major source of concern for government authorities due to the safety add tracebility of the products.

The exchange of products and services between countries means an increase
in beneficial commerce with business partners as well as a productive crossing of borders.

This interaction requires mutual understanding and adherence to
internationally recognized standards that must adapt to the ever-changing spirit of the global economy.

With the world trade linked as one global market, the clients’ focus is extending beyond timely delivery and acceptable quality and quantity. Each country’s concerns pivot on consistency and compliance in trade practices as well as the protection and safety of their human, animal, and plant life resources. To ensure these concerns are addressed, an increasing number of governments have instituted Conformity Assessment as part of their plans for sustainable development.

SIV Product Conformity Assessment (PCA) is a solution designed to ensure that products meet the specific requirements set by a regulatory authority in the importing country.

The solution consists of verifying product’s compliance with the requirements of applicable standards and technical regulations following a review by SIV product specialists, of reports from verification activities such as laboratory testing, physical inspection and factory audits. Conformity of products is evidenced by the issuance of a Certificate of Conformity (CoC), a document that is mandatory for customs clearance.

SIV Product Conformity Assessment (PCA) is a solution designed to ensure that products meet the specific requirements set by a regulatory authority in the importing country.

Product Certification

Product certification from SGS – ensures that your products are in compliance with the regulations of the countries that you want to operate in.

Whether you design, manufacture or import industrial goods, you need to ensure that your products meet a wide range of stringent international and regional directives and regulations.

Our product certification services ensure that your products are in compliance with the countries that you want to operate in.

As the world’s leading testing, inspection, verification and certification company, we offer unrivalled experience and expertise in product certification. Plus, our unique global network has accreditations to all major standards and regional regulations. As a result, we offer you comprehensive product certification for a wide range of products, including cranes and lifting equipment, lifts and elevators, electrical installations and pressure equipment – all over the world.

Contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive range of product certification services.

Extended Supplier Audits

Compliance to cGMP, GLP or GCP does not depend solely on the company’s own organisation; compliance requirements are extended to the company suppliers.

Supplier audit is an essential part of the Supplier Qualification, which is becoming a crucial process of the Pharmaceutical Quality System (ICH Q10).

The audit provides the required evidence, and the desired confidence, of third party good practices and professionalism, resulting in products that will not affect adversely the level of quality and the compliance environment of the company.

GMP compliance requirements are increasing, from the already stringent case of active ingredients (API) to packaging materials and, to a certain extent, the excipients and other materials used in final dosage forms. Moreover, contract manufacturing is becoming a common practice, included in almost any outsourcing strategy…but it cannot introduce, in any case, new or increased risks to the patients’ health.

Additionally for other contract services: analytical, logistics, or computerized systems, the supplier audit constitutes a key activity to prove the “Quality by Design” of the future system and that the appropriate Life Cycle is applied to ensure a suitable validation.

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Collaborating with Solis Imperium Veritas(SIV) made things alot easy.
Friendly and very professional in their approach, readily accessible and available to make sound technical input that brings about the desired outcomes is always assured.

I will definitely recommend SIV anytime.

Chukwuemeka Kanu-Orji
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