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The SIV Advantage:

SIV is a leading audit firm. Some of our service provisions include:

  • A certified audit team, with international recognition
  • Long-standing record of unique case reviews. This is in line with client requirements and audit context
  • Experienced and meticulous auditors
  • Satisfactory tools for diagnostic assessment and audit procedures
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Collaborating with Solis Imperium Veritas(SIV) made things alot easy.
Friendly and very professional in their approach, readily accessible and available to make sound technical input that brings about the desired outcomes is always assured.

I will definitely recommend SIV anytime.

Chukwuemeka Kanu-Orji
HSE Manager, Vine Group Nigeria

Organisations and Top managers always looking to make sure they get the quality product and service delivery according to their requirements & specification from their suppliers. They discover a cheaper solution and are confident in our service offerings to getting this done.
This involves the evaluation and assessment of vendors, both local & foreign and thus a solution for material selection.

Our Audits system helps to verify quality control and production systems. In the long run, product-related problems, non-conformities and challenges do not occur. Thus, guaranteeing supplier’s production ability and satisfy the requirements of relevant standards (local and international). These include review and verification of resource efficiency, adequacy, validity, and availability. The goal is to meet product specifications and boost production; thus, we ensure this. Our skilled auditors work in your best interest, following verified assessment tools.

We present a comprehensive report after our technical audit. In this document, there are stipulations of avenues for advancement, and nonconformity. It evaluates the manufacturing structure, picking its strength and falls. To this effect, root cause assessment and proper planning follow.

Our service offerings include consultancy on certifications and testing for product conformity. Furthermore, we offer consultancy for national products, and worldwide inclusive. These technical audit certifications include ISO 2859, ISO 9001, ISO 9011 and other manufacturing standards.

Technical Audits

Standard Factory
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Supplier Audit

Special Services

Product Conformity
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