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Collaborating with Solis Imperium Veritas(SIV) made things alot easy.
Friendly and very professional in their approach, readily accessible and available to make sound technical input that brings about the desired outcomes is always assured.

I will definitely recommend SIV anytime.

Chukwuemeka Kanu-Orji
HSE Manager, Vine Group Nigeria
Business Audit als Konzept auf einem Kompass

Stakeholders such as Buyers, Executive Management teams, Procurement Officers, Risk and Quality Assurance & Control Managers seeking to ensure that their preferred choice of vendor or manufacturing partner is able to consistently produce to specification, find in our Technical Assurance Audit services a cost effective solution for objectively selecting, evaluating and re-evaluating local and offshore vendors.

Our Technical Audits (Standard and Extended) are structured to completely assess the reliability of manufacturing and quality control systems. The end goal is to mitigate production-control related product non-conformities as well as to objectively assure stakeholders confidence in a vendor’s ability to manufacture products that meet locally and internationally referenced standards.

Using a set of well researched and proven assessment tools, our experienced certificated auditors evaluate and verify the existence, adequacy and effectiveness of processes, infrastructure, resources, and competencies required to achieve production and product specification goals.

The end result of our technical audits is a detailed report that identifies non-conformities, improvement opportunities, analyses the strengths and weaknesses in the manufacturing system and sets the stage for root cause assessments and corrective action planning.

We also provide product conformity testing services and national and international product certification consultancy services.

Referenced standards for performing our technical audits include: ISO 9001, ISO 2859, ISO 9011, national and international manufacturing / products standards.

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