Inspection Services

Our services for inspections include; inspection before, during and after manufacturing/production, Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) and after delivery inspections.

Our inspection procedures and policies examine products and the facilities available at various stages by which we approve the conformance of these resources and infrastructure to established requirements. Our aim is to ensure the satisfaction of customers’ needs and expectations.

We also ensure that vendors have all the requirements to meet these specifications. These include skills, infrastructure, and resources.

A review of vendors operating procedures and operating facilities occurs before the onsite inspection.

This depends on the kind of product and rating for manufacturing risk.

We also ensure that vendors have all the requirements to meet these specifications. These include skills, infrastructure, and resources.

What We Do During Inspections

We customarily test by sampling the process raw materials invested, as well as other vital components needed meet client specifications.

Our inspection team evaluates the contractual agreement existing between the vendor or producer. The outcome of this on the manufacturer’s operating capacity is also considered.

Other factors include:

  • maintenance plans
  • internal records on quality control and vital personnel capacity
  • manufacturing schedules
  • samples of goods produced.

SIV Inspection Leads

These are vital questions asked to give room for effective service delivery. some of these leads are:

  • Are the customers’ specifications and needs understood and documented?
  • How ready is the production line to deploy products after placing orders?
  • Are there underlying corrective actions? Do these pose a potential threat to the entire production process?
  • Are all the quality assurance and control plans of the manufacturer certified safe?
  • What are the measures taken before production commenced?

The SIV Advantage

  • Our team cooperates with partners to direct the inspection procedures. This helps to hide any operating system quirk and background lapse by the producer. Our client can set realistic forecasts, considering costs and production schedules with this.
  • Our client’s legal advisers are in a better position to provide contractual pacts. This will contain risks the client may encounter and protect legal rights in the end.
  • Here, clarification requests stemming from gaps in communication on both parties are cleared. Thus, it saves time, expenses, and fosters good business relationships.

The SIV Advantage

We have:

  • Well-specified technical structure, and professional inspectors
  • Inspectors with international certification
  • A team with excellent communications skills
  • we uphold integrity in all our dealings
  • Use of proper inspection principles
  • Precision and ideal procedures
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Collaborating with Solis Imperium Veritas(SIV) made things alot easy.
Friendly and very professional in their approach, readily accessible and available to make sound technical input that brings about the desired outcomes is always assured.

I will definitely recommend SIV anytime.

Chukwuemeka Kanu-Orji
HSE Manager, Vine Group Nigeria

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