Reimagine your performance and goals management process

As the industry evolves, so does the SIV learning and talent development platform. We’ve been monitoring the trends and talking to customers of all shapes and sizes across the industries we serve. One thing has been consistent across our conversations: performance management is in need of a big overhaul.

Traditionally, performance management is a point-in-time event that happens annually alongside merit increases. But as the workforce shifts, the performance management tools of the past are no longer serving the needs of companies currently employing or looking to attract the next-generation workforce.

Which is why SIV is reimagining performance and goals management from a point-in-time, annual event into a continuous feedback loop facilitated in our new Employee Performance Dashboard that is built to work with our Skills Assessment and Goals Management solutions. The combination of the solutions easily and intuitively brings in additional skills, competencies, and development areas that managers can use to evaluate performance and HR professionals can leverage for workforce and succession planning.

By implementing a continuous cycle of performance and goals management within your organization, you can:

  • Measure the impact of competency and skills within your organization
  • Support learning effectiveness and impact measurement
  • Provides line of sight into skill, knowledge and competency gaps for employee and employer
  • Unlock the maximum potential by aligning resources and focused training
  • Establishes a direct link between employee performance review feedback and learning content to help close gaps
  • Proactively plan for the future with a comprehensive view of your organization that lets you find the candidates who are most qualified for the job

In the coming weeks, SIV will be unveiling even more of our Performance & Goals Management solution. Current SIV’S customers will have access to the components and recent enhancements starting 4/1/2019.

With SIV’s Performance & Goals solutions, HR, Learning & Talent Development leaders are able to:

  • Align a talent strategy with your company’s business strategy and objectives
  • Build a pool of skills and competencies that support a talent and succession planning strategy
  • Connect jobs, courses and on-the-job tasks with key skills and collect workforce analytics in one, centralized solution
  • Make it easier for managers and leaders to adapt to the continuous performance management cycle with tools, tasks, and notifications to keep them on track and accountable
  • Blend and balance automated vs manual assessments during annual, quarterly, monthly or weekly performance review periods.
  • Easily identify critical roles within the organization and hire from within or spot gaps

The SIV Team continues to bridge the divide between learning and performance management. Our goal is to make the process easier and more connected for both the employee and managers facilitating the new, continuous performance management process. Look for even more updates coming throughout the rest of the year.

Want to learn more about how to deliver an effective Performance and Goals Management process that ties learning and development back to your company’s business objectives?

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