Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Management System Certification Consultancy

We plan and establish a management structure that aligns with standard & world best practices.

This makes us stand out from other firms. We can say in confidence that our team has a ranking as a Nigerian company with a distinction. We have a history of helping organizations meet ISO requirements.

Statistically, more than a million organizations and companies globally practice and have been certified to the ISO standards. These standards are technical tools that assist companies in handling modern-day business challenges.

Also, we maintain a close working relationship with our partners. This helps us apply structure and put management systems in place. These systems align with global standards (ISO). They include management systems like Occupational Health& safety management-OH&SMS, Quality Management System- QMS, FSMS, ISMS, EMS , BCMS; ISO 9001, 45001, 5001, 22000, 14001,23001, 22301 and many more in the series.

Business Capacity Planning

We Assist businesses who want to launch products and create a niche. We help in drafting an excellent business plan to execute their plans. These are some projects our team undertakes with our partners.

With our client’s cooperation, we make realistic plans. This functions as a blueprint for the smooth running of new firms or business ventures. We go the extra mile to make sure the ultimate plan reflects the business potential. For this reason, we plan and build cordial relationships with our customers.

We define the best systems and the ideal course of action for product delivery. We analyse feedback structure, marketing strategy, financial planning, corporate governance, and audit requirements.


Product / Service Quality Positioning Advisory Support

We are aware that the performance of a product hinges on the customer’s view. We incorporate an all-round strategy for our partners. Through this, we establish, determine, verify, and rank products. This also covers the authentic and inauthentic product or service quality descriptions.

Our experts help clients to set up a policy framework and quality assurance. They also checkmate performance and track quality standards.

SIV cooperates with clients to do the following:

  • Detect channels of competitive advantage
  • Design and practice feedback systems
  • Establish the ideal business or organization structure
  • Assess the best method for product realization
  • Determine and structure administrative needs
  • Create an internal control system
  • Plan and determine infrastructural requirements of a facility or equipment

Technical Prequalification Planning Support

Small to large organizations that want potential business opportunities can use our support to grow beyond their current market level. Companies can build internal capacity to start, locate, and organize their market.

They use vendor registrations and other resources within their power.

Nonetheless, we help in developing inner capacity for proper management of compliance prerequisites

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